Project 2004 School Gral. San Martin – Pasaje Las Bravas, Province of Chaco.


Construction of a complete school

In the isolated village of Pasaje Las Bravas, there used to be no school for the approximately 40 kids who lived there –most of them native Toba indians. They were receiving no or very limited education. Half of them were growing up illiterate and the other half had to walk for two hours every day to get to the closest school located 10 miles away, crossing flooded fields that were infested with insects, snakes and other hazards. In August, 2005, Argentina-Chicago Foundation was able to raise the needed funds to build a school right in Pasaje Las Bravas, where today more than 50 kids receive education through 9th grade and get two daily meals. Argentina-Chicago Foundation also built a bedroom for the teacher, who usually moves to these poor areas from far away cities and needs a place to live.