Project 2010/2011 School Nº 4648 – El Gritao – Province of Salta.


Construction of a kindergarten classroom

Elementary School Nº 4648 is located in the northeast of Salta province, in an isolated and undeveloped area.  This geographic situation means that 50% of the students have to stay at the school from Monday to Friday.

The 20 kindergarten students had their classes in a small, makeshift classroom inside a space that was previously used to collect water during the rainy season.  It did not have windows.  The summer temperatures near 100° F made it unbearable for holding class.

Thanks to the Argentina Chicago foundation the littlest students at the school now have a 36 sq meter (20ft x 20ft) classroom.  The new space has adequate conditions for the children to have classes.  The construction includes windows and a ceiling fan for days with high temperatures.