Project 2013/2014 School Provincial Nº 22 – Dos de Mayo – Province of Misiones.


Improvement the building of the dining room

The School Provincial No. 22 is a rural school located more than 12 miles from the town of Dos de Mayo in the center of the Province of Misiones. It has an enrollment of 110-120 students per year. They are from families of low socio-economic status. The school has a dining room located in a very precarious warehouse where students of kindergarden and elementary have lunch and breakfast. This space does not have basic sanitation, no insulation (cold and heat) and when it rains water leaks from the roof.

The Argentina Chicago Foundation was able to raise the needed funds and improved the dining room. Nowdays, around 70 children from the Provincial School No. 22 can receive their meals every day in a dining room with optimal conditions respecting the norms of safety and hygiene.