Project 2017-2018 School  Nº 4764 “Mision La Curvita” – Province of Salta.


The School Nº 4764 “Mision La Curvita” is located in the Municipality of Santa Victoria Este, province of Salta, Argentina. The members of the Curvita belong to different ethnic groups: chorote, wichi, tobas, nivaklé, guaraní tapiete and collas. In February 2018, this native community suffered a great flood from the Pilcomayo river losing everything including the school. They moved 12 km their township to start all over again. At the beginning, they had shipping containers as classrooms that were cold in winter and warm in summer. Also, classrooms were narrow making difficult for some students to see the board. They had to eat in an open space without tables.

Thanks to the Argentina Chicago Foundation the 240 elementary school children and 160 high school students have two new wooden classrooms with solid foundation and a gallery with tables to enjoy their meals. The new construction has adequate conditions for the children to have classes and a proper dinning space. This project impact the entire community by highlighting education for a better future.