Project 2019-2021 School  Nº 4783 “Cacique N’on Ehen David Gonzalez” La Estrella – Salta Province

Project 2019-2021 School Nº 4783 “Cacique N’on Ehen David Gonzalez” La Estrella – Salta Province.

“School supplies, backpacks, sneakers, and masks donation to students”

School Nº 4783 is located in the town of “La Estrella”, department of Rivadavia, a rural area in the province of Salta. It is located 1180 miles from Buenos Aires. Currently, 87 students attend this school (being 60 students in Elementary and 27 in High School). Aside from the hardship that this area in Argentina already endured, COVID19 turned even more difficult the possibilities to begin the school year.

Argentina Chicago Foundation was able, through an online campaign, to raise the necessary funds to donate school supplies (sheets, folders, pencils, color crayons, rulers, notebooks, etc.), backpacks and sneakers for all students. In addition, 250 reusable face masks were donated in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 throughout the whole educational community.

Furthermore, we had the opportunity to contribute with School No. 4764 “Misión La Curvita” (2017/2018 project) and make a donation of $100 in school supplies to help 130 students.

Overall, the outcome of this project benefitted a total of 217 students, including their families, teachers and non-teaching staff, authorities of both schools, and the whole community that works very hard to give these kids a better future.