Project 2022 School Nº 213 “Cacique Martín Iquín” – Valles Calchaquies – Province of Tucuman.

Wi-fi repeater antenna , furniture, and equipment to the Elementary School shelter

School No. 213 “Cacique Martín Iquín” is located in the town of Quilmes, in a rural area of the Valles Calchaquies in the province of Tucumán. Fifty seven students who belong to the native community of Quilmes town attend this school. Students travel up to seven miles every day to get to the school, which puts the continuity and educational performance of many children at risk. Although the school had facilities to board the children overnight, it did not have adequate equipment for their stay.

Argentina Chicago Fundation managed to raise the necessary funds to equip the boarding school so that all the children who live far from school can stay in during the week, and thus regularly attend classes. At the end of this project, the building has the capacity to board 24 children. The Foundation donated beds, pillows, sheets, bedside,tables, curtains, electric stoves, standing fans, a  cabinet with 8 lockers, and a washing machine to keep all the clothes clean. Internet access in the area was also improved with the donation of a repeater antenna for the elementary school.

This project, which was called “Sueños de Cambio” (Dreams of Change), guarantees that children have a cozy, safe and comfortable place while they are away from home, and protects them from the inclement weather typical of the area, favoring regular classes where the children can have proper facilities to rest as well.